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2013 Appearances!

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January 20   Private party Waterloo Club with the band
February 4   Glencoe American Legion Post 376
February 16-17    Macchia Winery     Visit:

February 23-24    Macchia Winery     Visit:
March 2-3           Macchia Winery     Visit:
March 16            Fleet Reserve Association Vallejo
April 5               Camps Restaurant, Angels Camp
April 11             Valley Springs Pizza Factory Car Show
May 3                Stevenot Winery, Murphy's CA
May 7               Alchemy Restaurant, Murphy's, CA
May 9               Valley Springs Pizza Factory Car Show
May 11-12         Macchia Winery    Visit:
May 25             Macchia Winery    Visit:
May 26             Macchia Winery    Visit:
June 1-2           Macchia Winery    Visit:
June 12            Pickle Patch Restaurant, San Andreas
June 13           Valley Springs Pizza Factory Car Show  6-9 pm
June 15           Camps Restaurant, Angels Camp           6-9 pm
June 22           Private Wedding Reception
June 29           Camps Restaurant, Angels Camp        6-9 pm
July 11            Valley Springs Pizza Factory Car Show   6-9 pm
August  3 & 4   Macchia Winery,7099 E. Peltier, Acampo   12-4
 August 8         Valley Springs Pizza Factory Car Show   6-9 pm
 August 10       Kidder Family Winery- Lockeford, Ca      1-4 pm
Aug 17              Macchia Winery,7099 E.Peltier Road, Acampo   12-4 pm 
Aug 18            Macchia Winery,7099 E.Peltier Road, Acampo   12-4 pm 
September  7    WATTS Winery Passport Weekend   1-4  pm                                  Visit:     
September  7          LUCUS Winery- Lodi                   5:30-7:30 pm
                                        Wine Club Pick Up Party
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 September 12    Valley Springs Pizza Factory Car Show      6-9 pm
 September 17   Alchemy Restaurant- Murphy's, Ca              5-8 pm
September 21-22.    MACCHIA Winery.                             12-4 pm
 October 5       US NAVY 238th BIRTHDAY BALL                5-11 pm
                             @ the STOCKTON HILTON
                            Music provided by ROUTE 88
                  Come help Celebrate and enjoy! Open to the Public
            Tickets can be also purchased on line at the link below.
October 9-13    USS Monticello LSD-35 ship reunion, Chicago, IL  
October 19         Angels Camp Gold Rush Day            12-:30-3:30 pm   
October 20        An Evening with Maria Behm  at the       4-9 pm
                          HISTORIC WINDMILL RANCH
                           Tickets $45 pp. limited to first 200
October 26        Private Party 90Th" Birthday                2-5 PM
                                              Stockton Restaurant
November 2-3.       MACCHIA Winery.                             12-4 pm
December 3      Alchemy Restaurant- Murphy's, Ca      5:30- 8 pm
December 5      Peoples Church Fresno, Ca                     6-8:30 pm
                                    Christmas Performance
December 7     The Terrace Valley Springs-Tree Lighting   5-8 pm
                                    Christmas Performance
December 20      Golden Living Center- Chateau Stockton   4:30 pm
                                              Christmas Performance
December 24        Christmas Eve Dinner Angels Camp      4-6:30 pm 
                                                 Christmas Performance                        
                          FOOTHILLS Community Retirement Home